Online Registration Instructions –

 New Household Information Form



The Department of Recreation, Parks & Community Services is pleased to offer WebTrac, our new online registration system.  If you have any difficulties navigating the site please call us at (732) 390-6797 for assistance.  WebTrac will allow everyone to:


            Browse our activity listings

            Search for activities by: type, age, location, etc.

            Look up details about activities – dates, times, program cost, etc.


WebTrac will also allow households that are already established in our registration database to do the following:


            Enroll for classes

            Print a transaction history

            Reprint receipts


Everyone can register for programs from the comfort of their home by e-check, 24 hours a day/seven days a week, all through an encrypted and secure Internet connection.


Anyone who is interested in registering for programs online must first register with our office.  Households that have had family members participate in our programs should have received a letter in the mail or an email announcing the program along with your user id and password.  To register a new household, download the ‘Household Information Form’ from the WebTrac home page, fill it out and submit to East Brunswick Recreation, Parks & Community Services, 334 Dunhams Corner Road.  Information can not be taken over the phone.  Once your household has been established in our database you will be contacted and issued a user name and password and may begin registering online.


We will continue to accept walk in and mail in registrations, according to the dates in the current recreation magazine. 


Steps for Online Registration

  1. Login using your given username and password.  If you do not have one or do not remember it, please contact the Department of Recreation and Parks via phone or email

  2.  You can search for “Activity” or “Pass” depending on what you are looking to register for.  You have the option of the “Search” listed under the logo or by clicking on the category box of the type of program you are looking for.
  3.  Once you find the “Activity” you are looking for, click on the green “+” button.  You should see a white box across the bottom of your screen with the activity name and two buttons that say “Add to Cart” or “Clear Selection”. 

  4. Click “Add to Cart”.  If you accidentally chose the incorrect activity, you can click “Clear Selection”.

  5. Select the correct family member from the list of those family members that qualify for the program and click “Continue”.

  6. Answer the few questions associated with the program. 

  7.  Read over the Waiver and click “Agree” and then click “Continue”.

  8.  Review your Shopping Cart and click “Proceed to Checkout” if you are finished registering or “Continue Shopping” if there are more programs you would like to register for.

  9.  Review “Summary of Charges”.  Make sure the amount is correct* and then select your payment method.
    *Note: Day Camp Payments – If you are making a payment, not paying in full, make sure to change the amount in the “Amount to Be Paid Today” box to at least the minimum amount due.

  10.  If you choose an E-check, make sure to enter your checking account information (routing number and account number) or if you choose Credit Card make sure to enter all of your credit account information.

  11.  Review your billing information and make sure your email address is correct.

  12.  Click “Continue” to initiate the payment authorization process and generate a confirmation receipt.

  13.  You should receive an email with your receipt but you can also view it at this time.

 If at any point you receive an error message or have an issue, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Recreation and Parks for assistance.
Phone: (732) 390-6797                                       Email: