Volunteers provide a source of fresh ideas, enthusiasm, and have a desire to share their time with our recreation programs for people with special needs. Volunteers are often individuals who wish to see what our programs are like, they may never have worked with children or may never have worked or interacted with the special needs population. They may bring to their volunteer experience concerns, misinformation and the fear of the unknown. Not a problem. We are ready to make their time with us both memorable as well as positive for the volunteer as well as the participants.

Volunteers must possess some basic qualities that will enable them to be successful. They must have a desire to help others, they must love children, they must have the ability to think fast and react quickly in various situations, they must take suggestions and follow directions. Lastly, they must "work and play well with others". Volunteers are often a source of future staff members. We ask that if you become a volunteer for one program session or stay with us for a year, you wear sneakers, smile and be prepared to enjoy being with us. We never request or expect that a volunteer will take on a responsibility that they cannot handle. Being a volunteer is a way to grow and develop. Sharing the fun with us opens your heart, your mind and your emotions. Come join us. Remember, to be a volunteer you must have completed and submitted a Volunteer Form that must be signed by you (and your parent, if you are under 18 years of age). In addition, you must bring your school ID with your picture, your driver's license and your lunch if you are joining a daytime activity. Wear comfortable clothes as our programs are active ones. No one can just watch what takes place. You need to get involved and share your enthusiasm. We will make your volunteer experience a delightful one.

Volunteers must be a minimum of 16 years old unless they are members of organizations such as the East Brunswick Youth Council, or the Urban Mitzvah Corps and work with us through those organizations.

The Volunteer Form must be completed and signed by the volunteer if 18 years of age or older and also by the volunteer's parent/guardian, if the individual is under 18 years of age.

Volunteers may join us for a single day or single program by completing the form, bringing the identification requested and wearing sneakers. Happily, we do have volunteers that fall in love with the program and wish to continue to work with us on a more than one time basis. If you wish to continue beyond one day/program, additional forms, etc. must be completed before can return.

If you wish to join us as a volunteer for one day/one program, download and complete the Volunteer Form.

Click here to download the Volunteer Form

If you have fallen in love with the program and want to continue to volunteer for additional programs or sessions, you must complete and return the following forms before your next volunteer session with us:

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