The East Brunswick school district has approximately 8,300 students in grades K-12. The outstanding faculty and staff, talented students, comprehensive curriculum, and wide variety of extracurricular activities are the major factors in the district’s reputation for excellence in academics, athletics and the arts.

Students consistently score higher than national and state averages on standardized tests, including the Scholastic Aptitude Test. In 2002, the average scores of East Brunswick High School seniors were 546 on the verbal SAT and 590 on the math test for an impressive combined score of 1,136. Students also earn high ratings in county, regional and state competitions in a variety of areas, including language arts, foreign languages, mathematics, music, science, social studies and the visual arts.

Each school has a media center with print and electronic materials that support the curriculum. All media centers have multimedia stations, the capability of broadcasting throughout the school and extensive collections of fiction, nonfiction and periodicals appropriate to the grade levels in the school.

In grades three through twelve, students are required to do research related to their work in media, English, social studies and science. In addition to technological resources, books and other printed materials are an essential part of the research process. Students are also encouraged to read for pleasure.

In the elementary schools, each of which has a computer laboratory adjacent to the media center, students are taught basic keyboarding, how to use various types of software, and how to access information from a variety of technological and print sources, including the Internet. The students continue to build on these skills as they progress through the secondary schools. The emphasis is on technology as a tool for learning in all subject areas. Technology supports the instructional process- is not an end in itself.

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