Here you will find a listing of all the road construction taking place around East Brunswick. Please remember that these projects will begin and end, subject to availability of equipment and weather permitting, on or about the dates listed below.
Approximate Working Hours:
7:00am to 5:00pm (Monday through Friday Only)

East Brunswick Township 2019 Reconstruction Projects

*Paving Street List

Street                           From                                                     To

Victory Place                      Harwin Drive                                                     Herbert Drive

Liberty Bell Court              Valley Forge Drive                                            Cul-De-Sac

Valley Forge Drive             Dunhams Corner Road                                    Minute Man Court

Joseph Street                     Arthur Street                                                     Willow Street

Dunston Drive                    Edward Street                                                   Terminus

*street list will be updated accordingly

Water Main Replacement Streets


Victory Place (portion)

Herbert Drive (portion)

Capital Projects-Additional Road Construction

Rues Lane from firehouse to Winton Road

Hardenburg Lane and Dunhams Corner Road Intersection