In recent years, false alarms account for approximately 98% of all alarm calls. These false alarms divert law enforcement resources from crimes in progress, other emergency situations, and time spent patrolling assigned areas. Most false alarm calls are the result of user error, installation/service errors and/or equipment failure.

The East Brunswick Police Department contracted CryWolf, a Maryland-based alarm monitoring service developed by AOT Public Safety Corporation, to administer the false alarm reduction program. East Brunswick residents and businesses are required to register their alarm systems via the online CryWolf Administration Site. There is a one-time $10 fee to register an alarm. Both businesses and residents will receive one free false alarm call per year. In accordance with the Alarm Ordinance, accounts that are unregistered will be assessed an additional $50 fee per day that a false alarm occurs.

The East Brunswick Police Department loses over 2,000 hours of officer time to false alarms each year. The FARP will result in more time officers have to spend in neighborhoods fighting crime. Not only will this increase public safety, but also the safety of our police officers who risk their lives racing to respond to these false alarms. The East Brunswick Police Department will track the number of false alarms from any one property. In cases where police respond to two or more false alarms per year, the registered alarm user will face a series of graduated fines, ranging from $25 to $200 for each violation. Excessive repeated false alarms (six or more in a year) may result in suspension of response, which means the East Brunswick Police Department will no longer respond to alarm calls at that location. Proof will then have to be provided to the police that the alarm has been fixed and tested.

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