The Patrol Division is comprised of uniformed police officers often referred to as the "backbone" of a police department. Its fundamental responsibilities include handling all emergencies, daily service calls and insuring public safety seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. The East Brunswick Police Department's Patrol Section handles these tasks while maintaining the distinctive philosophy of proactive policing. Mobile patrols are highly visible and target specific problems or criminal trends within the boundaries of the Township. This analytical style of policing is efficient and results in the preservation of the high quality of life that the residents and businesses of East Brunswick have grown to expect.

The Patrol Section is structured with three platoons of uniformed officers. Each platoon is comprised of supervisors, a contingent of patrolmen, and communication dispatchers. The number of patrolmen and dispatchers vary depending on the workload of the particular shift.

The Patrol Section follows a strict chain-of-command.

Operations Division Commander: Captain Joseph Alves

Captain Alves is a 23 year veteran of the East Brunswick Police Department.  He graduated from Somerset County Police Academy in 1993. He began his career with the Somerville Police Department and transferred to the East Brunswick Police Department in 1994. He was assigned to the Patrol Division until 1998 when he was selected to start up a newly formed Anti-Crime Unit.  In 1999 he transferred back to the Patrol Division, until 2003 when he was transferred to the Detective Bureau as a Detective. Captain Alves was promoted to Sergeant in February of 2010 and worked a short time in the Administrative Division before being transferred to Patrol Sergeant. In August of 2012, he returned to the Investigative Division as Detective Sergeant. Captain Alves was promoted to Lieutenant in May of 2013, at which time he was transferred back to the Patrol Division. In January of 2014, he returned to the Investigative Division as the Assistant Division Commander. He was promoted to Captain in January of 2016 and is currently assigned to the Patrol Division as the Commander.

Captain Alves has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Rowan University and a Masters of Arts degree in Education Administration from Seton Hall University. He was a member of the East Brunswick Police SWAT Team for 8 years and has received several awards and numerous letters of commendation throughout his career.