What about extended care before and after camp?

Special arrangements must be made in advance for extended care for each camp session. Extended care is child care only (no programming). Extended Care is available before and after camp. 

Your child cannot arrive any earlier than 7:30 am if registered for morning care. Arrangements must be made with the Department of Recreation via email daycamp@eastbrunswick.org or you may register directly online. 

There is a 15 minute “grace period” from the time camp ends to the time PM Extended Care begins.  After the “grace period”, a late pickup penalty of $10 per 15 minutes will be assessed; payable in cash or check before the start of the next camp day. With all camps ending at 4pm, we understand that parents who have children at multiple sites may have a difficulty getting to both locations by 4:15pm.  As such, staff will have a list of these families and will know not to charge their pickup person a late pick up penalty if they are a few minutes late due to pick up at multiple locations. However if it becomes a habitual lateness throughout the summer, a late fee may be charged. If no contact can be made for person(s) responsible for pickup of camper, the camper will be transported in a township vehicle to the Recreation and Parks Office. 

Should you feel the need to sign up for PM Extended Care at any point during the camp season, please contact the Recreation Office via email daycamp@eastbrunswick.org so we can get your child registered.

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