New Daisy Participants

No Intakes

All new participants MUST complete an intake process prior to registering for programs.

Please review the following information regarding the
 Daisy Recreation Program and the intake process.

The Daisy Recreation Program provides recreational activities for children and adults with special needs. Recreational activities run throughout the year and include respite, social groups, sports, summer camp, and more. The program is primarily staffed with high school and college students approximately 15-20 years old. All lead/supervisory staff hold a current general or special education teaching certificate, or similar (e.g. speech and language pathologist).


Prior to enrolling in summer camp, interested participants are required to complete an intake form.  Once the intake form is received, you will be contacted within 5 business days to schedule an intake meeting. During the intake process, the prospective participant’s IEP will be reviewed, as well as the online intake submission. Additionally, the teacher or therapist may also be contacted.  In order to safely provide a level of care for each participant in summer camp, eligible participants are those who:


  • Do not engage in aggressive, self-injurious behaviors or spitting, or behavior that poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others or themselves
  • Are able to transition between preferred and non-referred activities and can remain with their assigned group without exhibiting behaviors such as screaming, flopping, resistance, or eloping (running away)
  • Have not been dismissed from the program within the last year
  • Do not require a 1:1 participant to staff ratio
  • Do not require the implementation of behavior intervention plans in their entirety.


Acceptance into the summer camp program is determined on an individual basis following a review of the information received on the intake form and during the intake process, an interview with a parent and teacher, child observation during the intake interview, and review of the prospective participant’s IEP/ISP document.


In the event program enrollment is filled, prospective participants who meet the criteria for acceptance or trial acceptance will be placed on a wait list.  In the event of openings, those participants will be accepted on a first come first served basis based on date of intake.


Click here to start the Intake Process - Daisy Intake Form