Life Saving Awards

Patrolman Christian Rodriguez, Patrolman Chaz Nguyen, Patrolman Christian Longhitano, Patrolman Michael Stewart

On January 3, 2021 at 19:38 hours a 48 year old male of 19 Helena Street suffered a major heart attack while watching television with his family. Finding that his father was unresponsive and not breathing, the male’s 13 year old son, Joseph Spinello, immediately jumped into action and dialed 911. He was able to quickly relay pertinent information to the dispatcher, such as their address and the physical condition of his father. This speedy transmission of information ensured a prompt response from first responders. While waiting for help to arrive, Joseph remained on the phone with medical dispatch. He relayed CPR instructions that they provided, to his mother, who was providing aid to the male.                       

Patrolman Longhitano, Patrolman Rodriguez, Patrolman Nguyen and Patrolman Stewart, along with Robert Wood Johnson EMS and Paramedics responded to the scene to assist the male. Through the efforts of all involved, a pulse was regained on the male, and arrangements were made to transport him to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. While one of the officers transported the male’s spouse, another Patrol unit provided an escort for the ambulance to help facilitate the transport to the hospital. The remaining officers stayed on scene and assisted family members that were still at the residence. Subsequent to the incident the male made a full recovery 

For his rapid response, determination, and quick thinking, which led to the saving of his father’s life, the Department of Public Safety is proud to present Joseph Spinello with a Civilian Service Award.  For their professionalism, dedication and compassion, the Department of Public Safety is also proud to present Patrolman Christian Longhitano, Patrolman Christian Rodriguez, Patrolman Chaz Nguyen and Patrolman Michael Stewart with a Life Saving Award.

Patrolman Sean Clayton & Patrolman Jason Walrond

On June 17, 2021, at approximately 09:30 hours, Patrolman Jason Walrond and Patrolman Sean Clayton responded to a residence on the report of a male laying on the floor in medical distress. Dispatch advised that the male was unresponsive, but breathing. When Patrolman Walrond and Patrolman Clayton arrived on scene, the male was no longer breathing and did not have a pulse. The officers, working as a team, immediately moved the patient to an area where there was adequate space to perform life saving measures. Without hesitation, the officers performed CPR on the patient. They utilized their defibrillator, which provided lifesaving "shocks" to the patient. 

As a result of the officer’s quick and diligent efforts, the patient regained a pulse and began breathing on his own. The rescue squad and paramedics eventually took over life saving measures, and transported the patient to Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Center in New Brunswick for further treatment.

For their rapid response, determination, quick thinking and sound use of training and equipment, the Department of Public Safety is proud to present Patrolman Sean Clayton and Patrolman Jason Walrond with this Life Saving Awa