Biking & Walking Clubs

Take the family out for a weekly bike or walking trip to different parts of town.  We will map out a different route each week for you to follow so you may visit our parks and different areas of town and post here and on our social media pages.  Be safe, have fun, be well on your self-guided ride or walk around a different neighborhood each week.  Enjoy the time with your family and meeting new friends from town.

Remember to tag your family #EBOutside2021 #EBParks2021 #GetOutAndPlay #EastBrunswick

Walk Week #1, May 1, 2021

Begin at Great Oak Park and view the new plantings from Arbor Day, walk through the refurbished Butterfly Pak and then into the Winton Road neighborhood.

Bike Week #2, May 2, 2021

Begin at Memorial School and bike through the neighborhood and enjoy the spring scenery.

Bike Week #1, April 18, 2021

Begin at Crystal Springs Family Water Park and East Brunswick Nature Center at 380 Dunhams Corner Road.  Make a right onto the sidewalk/bike lane on Dunhams Corner Road and follow to Valley Forge and loop around the neighborhood.  When crossing Fern Road, please be careful and walk your bike across the street.  When traveling on Dunhams Corner Road, either use the bike lane or wide sidewalk.