Shade Tree Division


ALERT:  Spotted Lantern Fly has arrived in our community!




  • Please note that the Spotted Lantern Fly is not just a Township or a County, but a State issue.
  • Spraying and removal of the host tree is not an option for us.
  • It is important to understand that SLF cannot be prevented from coming onto any one property.
  • SLF adults tend to fly to new trees to feed in the late summer.
  • Properties adjacent to land with high populations of SLF will likely experience higher populations of SLF when the adults begin to move around.
  • Spotted Lanternfly will NOT sting or bite humans or animals but can become more of a nuisance. 
  • Survey your own property and community for possible SLF life stages. Any efforts you make in destroying the Spotted Lanternfly or its egg masses will help you and community reduce populations 
  • Spread the word to friends and neighbors


***Further questions can be sent to the NJ State Department of Agriculture at***


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Since 1979, East Brunswick Has Been Named a "Tree City USA"

Arbor Day Group Picture - Tree City USATree-lined streets give character and serenity to East Brunswick’s suburban neighborhoods. Their natural beauty is maintained and enhanced by the comprehensive Shade Tree Program managed by the Department of Recreation, Parks and Community Services.

More than 30,000 street-side trees are currently cared for by one township shade tree crew who maintain and remove hazardous trees.


The Division of Parks is responsible for maintaining trees:

  • Public areas 
  • Street side
  • Township parks

Residents can contact the Division of Parks at 732-390-6806 to report township tree issues. Should you have a tree emergency during inclement weather or after hours, you may also contact East Brunswick Police Department at 732-390-6900.

Trees Damaging Power Lines

Trees that have fallen and/or are in entangled in power lines need to be reported to your applicable power company. For contact information: