Police Reports

When requesting a police report, you can expect fast results in locating the report that you seek by supplying us with accurate information.

Necessary information that we need when you are requesting a police report includes:

  1. Exact spelling of your name and date of birth, which you provided to the Police Officer taking your report.
  2. The date and time that the incident occurred.
  3. The location of the incident.
  4. The type of incident (example: car accident, theft, assault)
  5. License plates of cars involved in motor vehicle accidents.

It is necessary to provide this accurate information to assist our staff in locating the report that you are requesting.

Guidelines for Available Reports

  • Our focus is to locate and supply you with the police report that you are requesting.
  • There may be restrictions or guidelines that apply to certain police reports.
  • The New Jersey Open Public Records Act (N.J.S.A 47:1A-1) specifies which records are public records and which are confidential.

Additional Guidelines are found in New Jersey Court rules regarding court room discovery.

Information Not Included

Police reports that may not be available include any of the following:

  1. Juvenile reports
  2. Investigative details of police reports
  3. Open or ongoing investigations
  4. Reports pertaining to major crimes that are pending trial

Report Fees

Motor Vehicle Accident Reports are $0.05 per letter size page and $0.07 per legal size page.

Investigation and Operation Reports are $0.05 per letter size page and $0.07 per legal size page.

Additional fees may apply if mail service is requested.