Unit Commendation

Patrolman Ryan Hensperger, Patrolman Robert Thuring, Patrolman Kevin Bolch, Patrolman Jeff Dougherty, Patrolman Agnieszka Marino, Detective Crispin Farrace, Detective Sergeant Glenn Tabasko

On February 19, 2021, at 20:50 hours, patrol units were dispatched to the Red Lobster for a hit and run crash with a pedestrian struck. The victim sustained broken ribs and lacerations to his arms and legs. Patrolman Bolch and Patrolman Dougherty quickly secured the scene and attempted to locate surveillance footage of the incident. Patrolman Thuring interviewed witnesses as well as the victim at Old Bridge Regional Hospital and got a description of the suspect. Patrolman Hensperger interviewed a witness that was able to provide suspect vehicle information, including a partial plate. Detective/Sgt. Tabasko was able to locate the full plate and vehicle description matched the vehicle that fled. North Brunswick PD eventually located the vehicle pulling into the suspect’s apartment complex and stopped him. Patrolman Marino responded and upon conclusion of the investigation placed the suspect under arrest. Detective Farrace responded to headquarters and was able to obtain a full confession from the suspect.

For their quick actions, perseverance, and investigative techniques, which led to the arrest of the suspect, who fled the scene of a hit and run crash with injuries, the Department of Public Safety is proud to present Patrolman Ryan Hensperger, Patrolman Kevin Bolch, Patrolman Agnieszka Marino, Detective Sergeant Glenn Tabasko, Patrolman Robert Thuring, Patrolman Jeff Dougherty, and Detective Crispin Farrace with this Unit Commendation.

Patrolman Gabriel Gausachs, Detective Alexander Danese, Detective Michael DiBuono, Patrolman Matthew Anderson, Patrolman Ryan Welch, Patrolman Matthew Kole

On March 21, 2021, patrol units responded to Kossman Street on a report of an active burglary to a motor vehicle. As units arrived, they quickly began a search for the suspect in the surrounding area. Patrolman Anderson arrived on scene and spoke with the victim, gathering important information and relaying it to the other units. As a result of this information, they were able to develop a likely suspect. After doing so, Patrolman Anderson and Patrolman Welch secured the crime scene until Detective DiBuono arrived on scene for processing. Detective DiBuono was able to gather important evidence against the suspect, including the suspect's cell phone which was located in the victim's vehicle as well as burglary tools. As Patrolman Kole continued to search for the suspect, he also attempted to assist in obtaining a Patrol K9 from a neighboring jurisdiction. During this time, Patrolman Gausachs established surveillance on the suspect's residence in Sayreville and awaited Sayreville PD's arrival. Upon their arrival, Patrolman Gausachs, with the assistance of Sayreville PD, was able to locate and apprehend the suspect after a brief foot pursuit. After being arrested, Detective Danese responded to headquarters and was not only able to obtain a confession for the motor vehicle burglary on March 21, 2021, he was also able to obtain a confession for a theft of a motor vehicle which occurred on March 4, 2021 in the same neighborhood.

For their quick response, dedication to duty and the sound use of investigative techniques that led to the apprehension of an   individual who has been a habitual offender in our jurisdiction, the Department of Public Safety is proud to present Patrolman Gabriel Gausachs, Detective Michael DiBuono, Patrolman Ryan Welch, Detective Alexander Danese, Patrolman Matthew Anderson and Patrolman Matthew Kole with this Unit Commendation.

Patrolman Matthew Anderson, Detective Brian Adams, Patrolman Gabriel Gausachs, Patrolman Ryan Welch, Patrolman Brian Woodruff, Patrolman Matthew Kole

On March 31, 2021, Communications received a call from a third party that her brother wished to commit suicide by cop. The suspect was staying at the Comfort Suites and Detective Adams and Patrolman Welch responded to the scene to conduct surveillance. The suspect livestreamed a statement on social media that it was his intention to force law enforcement to kill him. The suspect was under the influence of CDS and possessed a knife. 

After learning the location of his room, Patrolman Gausachs, Patrolman Anderson, Patrolman Woodruff and Patrolman Kole discussed a tactical plan along with a member from Rutgers Acute Psychiatric Services. The officers were then informed by communications personnel that the suspect had begun to cut his wrist. Officers responded to the room and knocked on the door. The suspect answered the door with a razor in his hand. He had several lacerations on his forearm and was clearly under the influence of CDS. As he attempted to close the door, Patrolman Anderson grabbed his shirt and pulled him into the hallway where he was handcuffed without incident. The suspect was transported to the hospital to be treated for his injuries and to receive a psychiatric evaluation. 

For their quick actions, dedication to duty and proper use of sound tactics, which led to securing the suspect without further escalation, the Department of Public Safety is proud to present Patrolman Matthew Anderson, Patrolman Gabriel Gausachs, Patrolman Brian Woodruff, Detective Brian Adams, Patrolman Ryan Welch and Patrolman Matthew Kole with this Unit Commendation.

Patrolman Michael Napoli, Patrolman Matthew Egnasko, Patrolman Chaz Nguyen, Patrolman Christian Rodriguez

On June 9, 2021 patrolman Michael Napoli, Patrolman Chaz Nguyen, Patrolman Matthew Egnasko and Patrolman Christian Rodriguez responded to 17 Meadow Road for the report of a burglary in progress where the alleged suspect fled the scene on foot. Upon arrival the victims provided a description of the suspect. Patrolman Egnasko advised he observed an individual matching the description in the area of Main Street. The suspect had fled into neighboring backyards and after a brief foot pursuit occurred, the suspect was apprehended. 

Through a combined team effort and excellent communication skills, these officers were able to locate and successfully apprehend the suspect without any further incident. 

For their rapid response, thoroughness, keen observations and proactive patrol techniques, the Department of Public Safety is proud to present Patrolman Michael Napoli, Patrolman Chaz Nguyen, Patrolman Matthew Egnasko and Patrolman Christian Rodriguez with this Unit Commendation.