Letter of Commendation

Patrolman Gabriel Gausachs & Detective Sergeant Glenn Tabasko

On February 15, 2021 there was an indictable shoplifting that occurred at 7-11, 111 Main Street. While on patrol later in the night, Patrolman Gausachs conducted a motor vehicle stop and arrested the driver for an outstanding warrant. Patrolman Gausachs noticed several similarities between the driver he arrested and the shoplifting suspect. He did not have access to surveillance footage from the shoplifting arrest, however after reading the shoplifting Investigation Report he suspected his arrestee to be the same suspect who shoplifted from the 7-11. 

He reported his findings to the Detective Bureau and offered his assistance. Detective Tabasko worked with Patrolman Gausachs and obtained still shots from the surveillance footage from 7-11 and his MVR from the time of arrest. They were presented to the zone AP who found probable cause to sign charges. Complaints against the suspect were drafted by the Detective Bureau.

For the proactive policing techniques, keen observation, and the sound skills of the Investigative Unit, which led to the arrest of a shoplifting suspect, the East Brunswick Department of Public Safety is proud to present Patrolman Gabriel Gausachs and Detective Sergeant Glenn Tabasko with this Letter of Commendation.  

Patrolman Agnieszka Marino

On March 25, 2021 Patrolman Marino was conducting business checks in the Walmart parking lot when she was alerted by the ALPR system of an unoccupied stolen vehicle parked in the lot. Once the vehicle was confirmed to be stolen out of Cranford, Patrolman Marino coordinated with other patrol units to conduct surveillance of the vehicle. Patrolman Marino entered the Walmart and spoke with a Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) in hopes that the vehicle was on video surveillance. After speaking with the LPO and confirming through video footage, it was discovered that the vehicle was driven by his supervisor. 

Patrolman Marino was advised the suspect was currently in the store and in the rear warehouse area. Patrolman Marino then coordinated with other officers to set up a perimeter of the store to secure the exits, while also having someone stay with the vehicle. Patrolman Marino made contact with the suspect via phone, but he refused to cooperate. As the suspect moved throughout the store, Patrolman Marino watched on surveillance cameras. She coordinated with other officers and eventually the male was taken into custody without incident. Once at headquarters the suspect was advised of his Miranda Warnings and made a confession to knowingly possessing the stolen vehicle. 

For her perseverance, sound investigative techniques, and coordination skills which led to the recovery of a stolen vehicle and apprehension of a suspect, the East Brunswick Department of Public Safety is proud to present Patrolman Agnieszka Marino with this Letter of Commendation.    

Detective Dennis Chieffo, Patrolman Sean Clayton, Patrolman Grant Korten, Detective Joseph Bauer, Patrolman Maria Herrera

Between March 31st and May 3rd of 2021, East Brunswick experienced an increase of burglaries to motor vehicles. The items stolen, which included credit cards, electronics and currency, were then utilized to commit further crimes within the Township. Detective Chieffo, Detective Bauer, Patrolman Clayton, Patrolman Korten and Patrolman Herrera were assigned to investigate many of these cases. Over the course of several weeks, and utilizing several investigative tools, a suspect was developed. Through further investigations, the suspect had been confirmed to be the same in all of the cases and after enough information was developed, a warrant was issued for the arrest of the suspect. Detective Chieffo eventually observed the suspect on Main Street and was able to take him into custody and obtain a full confession during a subsequent interview. The suspect was charged with multiple counts of Burglary, Theft, Credit Card Fraud, and Receiving Stolen Property. These officers should be commended for their thoroughness throughout all stages of the investigations, which lead to the arrest of a suspect who had been victimizing residents of the Township over several months.

For their dedication to duty, keen observations, and sound use of  investigative tactics that  led to the apprehension of an individual who had been a habitual offender in our jurisdiction, the Department of Public Safety is proud to present Detective Dennis Chieffo, Patrolman Sean Clayton, Patrolman Grant Korten, Detective Joseph Bauer and Patrolman Maria Herrera with this Letter of Commendation.