Civilian Service Award

Joseph Spinello

On January 3, 2021 at 19:38 hours a 48 year old male of 19 Helena Street suffered a major heart attack while watching television with his family. Finding that his father was unresponsive and not breathing, the male’s 13 year old son, Joseph Spinello, immediately jumped into action and dialed 911. He was able to quickly relay pertinent information to the dispatcher, such as their address and the physical condition of his father. This speedy transmission of information ensured a prompt response from first responders. While waiting for help to arrive, Joseph remained on the phone with medical dispatch. He relayed CPR instructions that they provided, to his mother, who was providing aid to the male.                       

Patrolman Longhitano, Patrolman Rodriguez, Patrolman Nguyen and Patrolman Stewart, along with Robert Wood Johnson EMS and Paramedics responded to the scene to assist the male. Through the efforts of all involved, a pulse was regained on the male, and arrangements were made to transport him to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. While one of the officers transported the male’s spouse, another Patrol unit provided an escort for the ambulance to help facilitate the transport to the hospital. The remaining officers stayed on scene and assisted family members that were still at the residence. Subsequent to the incident the male made a full recovery 

For his rapid response, determination, and quick thinking, which led to the saving of his father’s life, the Department of Public Safety is proud to present Joseph Spinello with a Civilian Service Award.  For their professionalism, dedication and compassion, the Department of Public Safety is also proud to present Patrolman Christian Longhitano, Patrolman Christian Rodriguez, Patrolman Chaz Nguyen and Patrolman Michael Stewart with a Life Saving Award.

Keith Bauer

On June 22 2021, Patrolman David Methner was responding to a call to assist the Investigative Division at Motel 6 at 646 State Route 18. Patrolman Methner was proceeding eastbound on Tices Lane in the area behind Mid-State Mall in a marked patrol unit. A vehicle recklessly darted across Tices Lane from the Route 18 North jug handle, crossed over five lane of traffic and attempted to make a left turn into Mid-State Mall. The vehicle cut right in front of Patrolman Methner’s patrol vehicle making a collision unavoidable. Patrolman Methner suffered moderate injuries as a result of the collision and subsequent airbag deployment. 

After the collision Patrolman Methner was advising Police Headquarters of the accident and requesting a rescue squad, the other vehicle’s driver exited her vehicle and began to scream at Patrolman Methner. The accident drew the attention of K & M Construction foreman Keith Bauer, who was working at a construction site at the rear of the shopping plaza. Mr. Bauer responded to the accident scene and intervened as he saw the irate, and somewhat belligerent driver move close to the driver’s side door of Patrolman Methner’s patrol unit. Mr. Bauer addressed the driver and told her to walk away and put himself between her and Patrolman Methner’s disabled vehicle. He remained on the scene until the responding patrol units arrived. Mr. Bauer should be acknowledged for his willingness to intervene and protect an incapacitated law enforcement officer and his ability to de-escalate an extraordinary situation.         

For his quick thinking and willingness to get involved, the Department of Public Safety is proud to present Keith Bauer with this Civilian Service Award.