Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards, run by Lieutenant Jason Fama, reports directly to the Chief of Police. The Office is charged with administering the investigative and disciplinary processes for the East Brunswick Police Department. The primary mission of the Office of Professional Standards is to assure that the Department members meet the highest standards of integrity and ethical performance.

The Office of Professional Standards is also responsible for numerous other assignments which include annual drug testing of sworn police personnel, Public Information Officer (PIO), and liaison to the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office Terrorism Coordinator. The Office of Professional Standards is also responsible for the execution of Special Projects including assisting in the planning and coordination of major events/emergency incidents, executive protection details, and security for major events.

Internal Affairs Investigations

It is the policy of this agency to accept and fully and impartially investigate all complaints of alleged officer misconduct or wrongdoing from any person, including outside agencies, juveniles, persons under arrest or in custody, and anonymous sources. All complaints will be investigated as long as the complaint contains sufficient factual information to warrant an investigation. Following a thorough and impartial examination of the available factual information, the officer shall be either exonerated or held responsible for the alleged misconduct. Discipline shall be administered according to agency policy and procedures.

It is the policy of the East Brunswick Police Department to accept and investigate all allegations of officer misconduct or wrongdoing from any citizen. It is the policy of this agency that all internal affairs functions and complaints will be conducted in compliance with the New Jersey Attorney General's Internal Affairs Policy and the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office.

In order to fulfill that policy, located here are the necessary forms and information to answer any questions that a citizen may have regarding the process.

Citizens can report officer misconduct or wrongdoing by following the instructions listed below:

  • Citizens are encouraged to respond to police headquarters and speak with a supervisor about filing their complaint.
  • The complaint will be accepted regardless of the hour or day of the week.
  • Citizens will be asked to complete an Internal Affairs Complaint Form, which will include as much descriptive information about the complaint that the citizen can provide. It is not mandatory that the report be completed, but it will assist in a complete and thorough investigation by the Internal Affairs Office.
  • If the citizen cannot make the complaint in person, a representative from the police department will be assigned to visit the individual at his/her home, place of business, or another location to complete the report (this may not always be the case in very minor offense complaints).
  • While it is discouraged, citizens may make the report anonymously. When this occurs, it makes it very difficult for the Internal Affairs Investigator to ask follow-up questions or obtain further information. This may result in your complaint not being thoroughly investigated.
  • After a complaint is received by the department, it will be forwarded to the Office of Professional Standards for investigation.
  • If the citizen is uncomfortable reporting the complaint to the East Brunswick Police Department, they may report their complaint to the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office, Office of Professional Standards. The Prosecutor's Office can be reached at 732-745-3300.
  • While every member of the East Brunswick Police Department is trained in the proper reception and handling of citizen complaints, citizens may email Lieutenant Jason Fama or call 732-390-6944 if they feel it is necessary or if they have any additional questions.

Civilian Complaint Information

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