Perfect example...when I was off from work or working from home, my kids didn't want to stay home with me OR still wanted to go to after care so they could still play with their friends!

My daughter had an awesome summer after coming off a camp she went to for six years very highly rated she enjoyed this camp more.

My son really loved camp and the whole experience. He is a bit hesitant to try new things but this definitely opened up a new dimension for him in terms of trying new activities.

I had a very positive experience with the East Brunswick Half Day program. My son was very upset when camp ended and expressed that he likes camp. I was very satisfied with everything and commend all of the people who arranged this excellent program.

Her counselor, I have never seen someone so dedicated to the job and so engaged with the children. He is amazing! Even the gift at the end of the year. It was exactly all the things that my daughter loves. I couldn't believe he knew her so well.

I appreciate the counselors attentiveness in making sure everyone was watched over and safe...excellent team!

It helped my son get out of his comfort zone and try lots of new things that he would never have tried otherwise.

Really thought they did a terrific job with the kids. Every day my daughter looked forward to going to camp!

Everyone was always nice when I got there and always very friendly to my son. The Site Director was awesome with my son… very much appreciated!

My daughter never came home saying anything bad about the camp. She really enjoyed it. I don't think there was one thing better than the other.

She has never complained about anything. She always enjoyed going over the last 4 years, even with waking up earlier to get there.

Overall, I really like the camp! I will send my daughter back next year! I really loved the little knapsacks they made on the 1st day of camp! The sack totally came in handy for the kids.

I love the camping experience that my children received. Best camp I've used.

My daughter enjoyed going to the EB Super Stars camp. I greatly appreciate the measures taken to keep the kids safe. She can't wait for the next camp session to begin!

My daughter really looked forward to going to camp each morning, she especially looked forward to the camp trips. Now that camp is over, she misses it.

My son has gone through all the years he was eligible and now hopes to continue on as a CIT and hopefully a counselor one day!

This year's Summer Theater shows were some of the best they've done in a while! Loved seeing the choreography in Aladdin! The kids all looked like they were having fun on stage. Roles were well cast in all shows. I will never cease being amazed at the way the staff and campers are able to put on such wonderful productions in such a short time!

I've always heard from residents that our summer camp is a great experience for kids. However, it wasn't until this summer that my children personally experienced it. I was able to witness firsthand the amount of hard work and detail that go into making our summer programs the quality camp that it is. It really provides a variety of experiences and wonderful memories for the kids.
I would like to thank you and the Recreation Staff directly involved with our day camp, as well as, those indirectly involved. It is also important to specifically recognize all of the Site Directors and counselors who interacted with kids/parents everyday!
They obviously worked very hard at the small details to make sure the kids were safe but also having a good time. Great job ladies and gentlemen!! Keep up the good work you do making our camp such a wonderful experience for the children in town.

- Denise Contrino