Counselor-in-Training Program (CIT)

Our Counselor in Training (CIT) program is for those teens that have a general interest in working with children and being a camp counselor in the future.  This gives CITs a chance to work with our campers going into grades 1-4, in addition to learning from experienced staff.

Due to the limited quantity of CITs we can have at camp, it is required for those interested to fill out an application and go through an interview process.  

Since campers entering 11th grade missed out on their CIT experience in 2020, they are eligible to apply for this program.

Please note: Being a CIT is not a paid position. They are still campers learning to be future counselors. As such, there is a registration fee associated with this program.

The CIT program this summer will be a full day program and those accepted into the position will be assigned to either Dideriksen Park (Grades 1-2) or Lenape Park (Grades 3-4).

Registration Fee

2021 Registration fee for CITs is $450 (full fee, no payment plan).

CIT Application - Application Deadline May 1, 2021

Click here for CIT Application Form


  • To provide participants with the knowledge, through hands-on experience and mini trainings, to organize and supervise a day camp group
  • To afford participants the opportunity to work with children and adolescents in a day camp situation
  • To provide participants with the knowledge and background of various age group characteristics and those activities that are age appropriate for that age group
  • To instruct participants in writing and implements both commercial and original activities


  • CIT Coordinator will provide weekly contact time for program participants and their immediate supervisors.
  • CIT Coordinator will provide instructional seminars to provide participants with background knowledge pertinent to a future position as a day camp counselor.
  • Provide evaluations of participant progress.
  • Program participants will assist assigned counselors in supervising and organizing a day camp group.
  • Program participants will write, implement and submit a minimum of at least one activity appropriate for their group's age level.