Daisy Association

The Daisy Association is a non-profit, parent run civic organization that benefits the lives of children and adults with various disabilities in East Brunswick and its surrounding communities.  Our philosophy is realizing that we are all differently abled and we try to provide recreation, camp, and social opportunities to as many people as we can.  We do this by structuring our year round programs around fun, non-judgement, and working as a team.

In addition to providing funding for programs, trips, parties, and other special events, the Daisy Association also provides monetary scholarships for families in need, especially during these difficult times. Thanks to them, we were able to run numerous programs for our participants.


Membership is open to individuals and families who wish to join this terrific group of people. Through fundraising, new programs are tried, proven programs are supported, and the cost to participate is kept as low as possible.

Membership in the Daisy Association is required for participation in Daisy Recreation programs and must be current from June 1 through May 31 of one full calendar year.


Membership dues are $25 per year per family. Dues must be paid online.