For the month of March 2022, Daisy Recreation will receive a $1 donation from each purchase of the $2.50 reusable Community Bag at the Stop & Shop store located at 647 Route 18 South, East Brunswick NJ.
 Right now, supporting local non-profits is more important than ever. We are here to help you raise as much as possible in this program throughout your benefiting month!

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Daisy - Special Needs Programs for Children and Young AdultsFor over 50 years the Township of East Brunswick has provided programs for children and adults with disabilities, Daisy Recreation being the first and oldest program.

Through the support of and financial assistance of The Daisy Association, we have evolved into a recreation program that provides opportunities year round. These programs have a common thread which has guided us in their implementation as well as providing motivation for the creation of new programs as areas of interest appear. 


We seek to create as level a field as possible for all people, with or without disabilities.

Our intent is to create programs that challenge individuals who need assistance, encouragement, support, and modifications in activities. We want to enable members of the community to enjoy leisure time activities, feel welcome to participate without fear of rejection and as needed, provide support, accommodations and modifications.

We strive to make our programs memorable and fun for everyone involved!

Americans with Disabilities Act

The East Brunswick Department of Recreation and Parks believes that the benefits of recreation should be made available to people of all ages, race, beliefs, and abilities.

The Township of East Brunswick fully understands The Americans with Disabilities Act and we invite participation by people with disabilities in our programs. If you need assistance to participate in any of our recreation programs, please contact us at (732) 390-6797 (Voice/TTY).

Daisy Strong!!!

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