Current Programs

ATOD Prevention & Education Programs

Youth Council provides students grades 9 to 12 with social activities in a safe and positive environment while promoting individual self-esteem and leadership through participation in meetings, events and community service projects. Youth Council promotes a comprehensive risk avoidance message to youth for five harmful risk behaviors that are linked to alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco and violence. Code of Behavior includes no smoking, no alcoholic beverages or illegal substances. Youth Council will promote Alcohol, Tobacco or Other Drugs messages by providing education and prevention information at some of their activities and general membership meetings. Youth Council will also provide an Alcohol Awareness Program for Alcohol Awareness Month at the high school, which may include a DWI car, posters and literature and setting up a "tree of life" in which students sign a contract to not drink and drive.

Community Outreach

East Brunswick Department of Public Safety will be providing community outreach and education during its celebration of National Night Out, a yearly, national event scheduled for the first Tuesday in August. The event is designed to foster community relations among the Department of Public Safety, the public and various non-profit groups and to educate residents regarding the dangers associated with substance abuse and the availability of Alcohol, Tobacco or Other Drugs prevention services.

Summer Scene

Summer Scene is a seven-week, four (half day) and nine hour daily summer alternative program for 300 6th to 9th graders that will provide an opportunity for at risk youth referred by the East Brunswick SAC or other community social work personnel to develop Alcohol Tobacco or Other Drugs refusal skills, social behavior skills, self esteem and acquire knowledge on gaining an Alcohol, Tobacco or Other Drugs free healthy lifestyle. Special guests and activities provide information on substance abuse prevention, self esteem, peer pressure and life skills training in a non-threatening environment. Summer Scene also provides at-risk youth positive role models while teaching participants the creative use of leisure time.

Senior Send Off

An alcohol and drug free celebration giving our students one last chance to gather as a class. Graduating students are given an opportunity to celebrate on the East Brunswick High School campus. Alcohol and Drug Prevention programs are offered during the course of the day as well as food, games and activities. The program is administered by the East Brunswick High School PTA. Learn more about the Senior Send Off.

Too Good for Drugs™

A school-based drug prevention program designed to reduce students' intention to use alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs, while promoting prosocial attitudes, skills and behaviors. The program seeks to build the self-confidence of students so they are better able to make healthy choices and achieve success. Although there are different objectives across grade levels, promoting positive, prosocial attitudes, and fostering healthy relationships is a running theme throughout the program's curriculum. Overall, TGFD seeks to develop positive peer norms; appropriate attitudes toward alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drug use; personal and interpersonal skills relating to alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drug use; and knowledge of the negative consequences of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drug use and the benefits of a drug-free lifestyle

Teen Education Series

This is a three session series that is being presented to all 7th grade students at Hammarskjold Middle School by a Prevention Specialist from The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources. The goal of this program is to prevent or delay first use of alcohol, marijuana, prescription and over the counter medications as well as heroin and synthetic drugs.