Vacation Notifications

BurlgarIf you live within the Township of East Brunswick and would like to have vacation checks performed on your residence, please complete this online form (PDF) and submit it to the East Brunswick Police Department at least 72 hours prior to your planned absence. Vacation checks will be performed as time allows. You must notify the department immediately if departure or return times change.

By submitting this digital form, the owner/occupants of the property hereby grant and request the East Brunswick Police Department and its Officers to visually check up on the property listed in the submitted form. The undersigned does hereby agree to hold harmless the Township of East Brunswick, its employees, and agents for any claim for personal injury, loss, or damage to property that may be suffered by the undersigned, through any action or lack thereof, by a representative of the Township of East Brunswick. Further, the undersigned understands and agrees that this is a voluntary, free service and does not create a special duty upon the township, will be provided only as time is available, and no guarantee is made nor assurance given against loss, theft, or damage to premises. 

The undersigned does hereby agree to secure the premises when leaving and take whatever security measures at his/her disposal to cooperate in preventing crime, fire, or other incidents from occurring. The undersigned has noted any conditions that will assist the police during these checks and will notify the East Brunswick Police Department of any changes to the dates of request or other information provided in the submitted form.

Email the form to the Community Policing Department. Requests should be made in advance and take approximately one to three business days to process.