Junior Police Academy

Junior Police Academy ParticipantsThe Junior Police Academy is designed to motivate young people to be outstanding citizens through law enforcement education and encourages our young citizens to be partners, in building a safer community; a cornerstone for community policing.

The program runs for one week each summer and it educate its participants on the various facets of criminal law, procedure, and enforcement. The academy is generally held within the public school district and includes both theoretical and practical lessons in a variety of areas. Additionally, recruits are treated to several off-site trips to Law Enforcement-related venues.

Most young people do not understand what police officers do, or why they do it. The Junior Police Academy is designed to take the mystery out of law enforcement and to provide a positive learning environment transforming the conception that police officers merely respond to crimes, to being a positive role models and a pro-active force in creating safe communities.

While not all the participant's that attend this academy may want to become police officers in the future, the program does instilled confidence and a sense of achievement within our young cadets.

Overall, the Junior Police Academy has proven to be a valuable experience for all involved and has provided a vital link between the Police Department and the youth of East Brunswick. The overwhelming success of the Junior Police Academy has far exceeded the expectations of everyone involved. This program attracts a highly motivated group of cadets, and the Instructors thoroughly enjoy their interaction with these young people.

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