Crystal Springs Registration

Registration for Season Passes begins around March 1, 2024!

Registration will take place online - Crystal Springs Registration Page 
(Link will be active around March 1, 2024)

If this is your first time registering online, please complete a Household Information Form   

Season Pass Cards & Photo ID

Season Pass cards are required for all Season Pass Holders two years and older.

This season, Crystal Springs will continue to be "cardless" and you will be able to scan your Season Pass from your phone. If you were a previous Season Pass Holder, you may continue to use your card should you choose to.  

Please watch this video on how to save your Season Pass to your phone.  

In Person Photos

Should you need your photo for your Season Pass, please make sure to see a Guest Relations Supervisor upon your first visit.  ALL new Season Pass Holders, must have a photo taken.

Steps for Online Registration:

1.    Login using your given username and password. If you do not have one or do not remember it, please contact the Department of Recreation and Parks via phone,
732-390-6797, or email
2.    Click on “Search” and choose “Returning Pass Holder” if you’ve had Season Pass prior or “New Pass Holder” if this is a new Season Pass.  You can also click on the "Season Pass Holder" button at the top or bottom of the page.
3.    If you are RENEWING your Season Pass, click the toggle box next to the Season Passes you wish to renew.  The Primary Guardian’s name will show up twice for a Family Season Pass.  Please make sure to renew BOTH of those passes.
4.    If you are purchasing a NEW Season Pass, once you find the “Pass” you are looking for, click on the basket looking button under “Add to Cart”. You will see a box across the bottom of your screen with the item name and two buttons that say “Add to Cart” or “Clear Selection”.
5.    Click “Add to Cart”. If you accidentally chose the incorrect pass, you can click “Clear Selection”.
6.    Select the correct family member from the list of those family members that qualify for the Season Pass by clicking the toggle box next to their name and click “Continue”.  If the family member is not listed for that Season Pass that means there is a requirement which they do not fit.  If you do not click on the toggle box the system will not know what to add to the cart and you will be sent back to the home screen.

    If registering for a Family Season Pass, you only need to click on the toggle box of the Primary Guardian in the household.  This will pull them and all of the other eligible family members onto the pass.

  • They will be given both a Primary Pass and Secondary Pass.  This needs to happen for the pass to be processed correctly.
  • If there is a child under the age of 2, the system will not include them as they do not need a pass until they are 2.
  • If registering for an Individual or Senior Season Pass, you only need to click on the toggle box of that individual in the household.  

7.    Read over the Waiver and click “Agree” and then click “Continue”.  You MUST agree to this waiver for each pass that you are purchasing and will not be able to move forward without doing so.
8.    Review your Shopping Cart and click “Proceed to Checkout” if you are finished registering or “Continue Shopping” if there are more passes you would like to purchase.
9.    Review “Summary of Charges”. Make sure the amount is correct.  The fee for a Family Season Pass will show up under the Primary Pass.
10.    Make sure to enter all of your credit account information.
11.    Make sure your “Customer Information” is correct and enter your “Payment Information” carefully.
12.    Click “Pay Now” to initiate the payment authorization process and generate a confirmation receipt.

You should receive an email from with your receipt but you can also view it at this time.  If you do not receive it within a few minutes, please check your junk or spam folder.

If at any point you receive an error message or have an issue, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Recreation and Parks for assistance.

Phone: 732-390-6797 or Email: