Finding a Pet

The East Brunswick Police Department is urging residents to complete the Report a Lost Pet web form to alert East Brunswick Animal Control if a pet goes missing within the Township of East Brunswick. This will assist Animal Control connecting you with your lost pet if they are located.

Checking Your Home

First, check and make sure the animal is not hiding somewhere in your house. This is particularly important in the case of new pets or cats that never go outside. Then check your yard, paying special attention to areas under decks, porches or outdoor structures. Check in your garage.

Contacting Animal Control & Police

If the pet is not located, immediately notify the Animal Control Officer and police department. Do not delay and wait days hoping your pet will come home. The sooner you get the word out about your missing pet, the better the odds of finding it.

Use Facebook

Post a picture of your pet and a description on several different Facebook pages. Here are a few local examples:

  • Lost and Found Pets of South River and Vicinity New Jersey
  • Lost and Found Pets New Jersey
  • Lost and Found Pets New Jersey
  • Middlesex County New Jersey Lost and Found Pets
  • East Brunswick New Jersey Community
  • East Brunswick Helping Each Other

Search Your Neighborhood

Search your neighborhood or the area where the animal was lost and let people know that it is missing. Call your pet’s name. A lost pet will often hide during the day, so be sure to go out at night as well. Let your mail carrier know about your missing pet. They are in your neighborhood every day and they pay attention to loose dogs.

Contact Animal Shelters

Call local animal shelters. Someone may have found your pet and dropped it off there without going through the animal control officer.

Lost Pet Posters

Make lost pet posters, using a photo if you have one. Offer a reward. Be sure to use a telephone number where you can be reached 24 hours a day. Put them up within a one mile radius of where the pet was lost. Drop off, fax or email a copy of the poster to this office. Also leave a copy with local veterinarians and groomers. If your pet was injured, someone may have taken it directly to a vet. There is a public bulletin board at the dog park located at Heavenly Farms Park on Dunhams Corner Road. Place one there. Also, public notice boards at local grocery stores are a good place to leave one. Lastly, a motorist not from this area may have picked up your pet. Lost pet posters placed at intersections are a good way to get the word out. Please be sure to write down the location of each flyer and remove them after your pet is located.

Newspaper Ads

Place an ad in the Home News and Tribune and Sentinel newspapers under the lost pet section. Also, check these papers every day for a listing under the found pet section.

East Brunswick Township’s Public Access TV

Contact East Brunswick Township’s Public Access TV to have a lost pet announcement posted on Channel 3. You can email them a picture of the pet to be included with the posting.


Most important, even before your pet is lost, make sure all your pets are wearing a collar with ID tags. This is critical in the case of cats, even indoor cats. Your cat will not stand out from all the stray cats in your neighborhood without a tag. Each week we receive reports of indoor cats who somehow escape outside. Without ID, there is little chance of your cat being returned to you if it wanders far from your yard. Also, consider having your pets implanted with a microchip. This is a permanent form of identification that can be read by most veterinarians, ACOs and animal shelters. Check with your veterinarian for details.

When Your Pet is Found

If your pet is returned to you, make sure to notify everyone you informed about your lost pet, including this office.


Do not give up hope. Owners of lost animals who follow these steps have had their pets returned months after their pets were lost.