Water Utility & Maintenance Overview

Water Production

Sewerage Authority BuildingThe Water Production Division is responsible for providing safe drinking water to the community and assuring that its quality meets the standards established by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. System Operators are responsible for taking daily and periodic samples of drinking water in order to monitor water quality and fulfill State mandated reporting requirements.

The Tices Lane Pumping Station is responsible for delivering an average of 14 million gallons per day of drinking water to East Brunswick, and customers in South River, Helmetta, Spotswood, and Schweitzer Maudit, as well as wheeling water back to our supplier, the Middlesex Water Company.

This Division also monitors the New Jersey One-Call System for underground mark out requests for water facilities in order to ensure that service remains uninterrupted.

Water Maintenance

The Water Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining 240 miles of water mains to ensure delivery of drinking water at adequate pressures and volumes for normal domestic and commercial use and for firefighting requirements.

The Water Maintenance crew handles emergency response on a 24 hour basis for all repairs necessary to maintain the underground delivery system. This includes water main, service connection, hydrant, and system valve repairs that require immediate attention due to reasons of public health and safety.

This Division is also mandated by the New Jersey One-Call System to respond to mark out requests for underground utilities prior to any excavation taking place.