Core Duties

Secretary of the Municipal Corporation

  • Serves as executive secretary to the Township Council
  • Custodian of the municipal seal
  • Maintains custody of all:
    • Archival records of the municipal corporation
    • Bonds
    • Books
    • Contracts
    • Deeds
    • Minutes
  • Attest to the signatures of municipal officers and officials
  • Maintain receipt of service of legal documents

Secretary to the Governing Body

  • Prepares and files Township Council Agendas and Minutes
  • Maintains Township Code Book, ordinances, resolutions and contracts
  • Administer and record oaths of office
  • Process, record, file and when necessary, advertise ordinances, resolutions and the municipal budget

Chief Administrative Officer of All Elections Held in the Municipality

  • Certify vacancies at a local level
  • Maintain receipt of nominating petitions and certification to the County Clerk of local candidates nominated by petition
  • Furnish material for local elections
  • Suggest polling places
  • Maintain receipt of election results

Chief Registrar of Voters in the Municipality

  • Registers voters and supervises the handling of elections

Administrative Officer

  • Issues various permits and licenses required under state statute and local ordinance
  • Serves as the Registrar of Vital Statistics

The Records Coordinator and Manager are responsible for implementing local archives and records retention programs as mandated. Other duties that may be imposed by state statutes and regulations or municipal ordinances or regulations.