Temporary Sign Permits

Temporary signs can be a helpful and cost effective method to publicize special or short term events. They are regulated to minimize the visual clutter that can result from a proliferation of signs.


Permits are used to regulate certain temporary signs. Temporary sign permits are issued by the Code Enforcement Officer. 

Forms are available from the Department of Planning and Engineering located in the first level of the Public Works Complex Building (4 Harts Lane). Office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

A complete permit application should include the signature of the sign owner and the property owner. There is a $5 fee per week for each permit.

Time Limits

Each business operating in a separate location may display certain temporary signs in connection with bona fide special promotions for a maximum of ten weeks in one calendar year or five weeks in a six month period. These displays are allocated in weekly periods.

Types of Temporary Signs Requiring a Permit

Business and commercial uses located in the C-1, C-2, C-3, H-1, HC-1, HC-2, HC-3 and MXD districts are allowed to display the following temporary signs provided permits are obtained:

  • Pennants - provided they are hung from a finished facade to another nonpublic structure on the property. Pennants cannot be attached to the ground.
  • Banners and Bunting - placed on a finished facade of the building. Area of banner or bunting not to exceed 10% of the area of the facade it is attached to.

All such signs are required to be hung on the building actually occupied by the business or commercial use conducting the sales promotions.

New Businesses

It should be noted that new businesses locating in the Township are required to have an approved permanent sign permit before a temporary sign permit can be issued.

Temporary Signs Permitted Without a Permit

The following signs are permitted in any zone in the Township without a permit:

  • Non-illuminated real estate signs which announce the sale, rental or lease of the premises on which the sign is located. The sign should only contain the announcement of sale, lease or rental, the broker's name and phone number.
  • Signs must be removed 10 days after the sale, rental or lease. Signs may be double-faced and except as noted below only one sign shall be permitted on each lot. The maximum size is as follows:
    • RP, Rp-2, R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5, VGI, VGII, VGIIIA, TG, MMHC, MXD/R, HR, HRP, HR/C and HCR Zones: 3 square feet
    • 0-1, C-1, HC, OP-1, and OP-2 Zones: 10 square feet
    • C-2, C-3, HC-1, HC-2, HC-3, H-1, P-1, I/M, 0/1 and MXD Zones: One sign on each bordering street to be no larger than 45 square feet
  • Window signs and interior floor displays
  • Restrictions apply from 3 feet to 6 feet above the first floor elevation
  • Within any 5 foot measurement of horizontal window space a business must maintain 2 consecutive feet of open and unobstructed window area
  • Restrictions do not apply to open lettering printed on windows if lettering does not obstruct vision into the business.
  • Relocation Information Signs
    • Allowed for 30 days and restricted to the present location of the relocating business and the future location.
  • Construction Signs
    • One sign with the name of architects, engineers and/or contractors and the building company placed at the site under construction.
  • Signs advertising public and fund raising events for charitable or religious organizations 
    • Permitted for 60 days prior to and during the event.
    • Removal required within 5 days after the event. 
    • Sign must be non-illuminated, no larger than 12 square feet in area, not exceeding 8 feet in height and may be erected flat against the building or freestanding.

Prohibited Signs

The following signs are prohibited in the Township of East Brunswick:

  • Signs using red, yellow or green lights placed within 100 feet of traffic signal
  • Moving or revolving signs, signs using blinking, flashing, vibrating, flickering, tracer or sequential lighting
  • Roof signs on buildings, structures or vehicles
  • Signs or advertising matter of an indecent or obscene nature
  • Signs using the words "stop", "look", "danger" etc.
  • Signs advertising a product or service not sold on the premises
  • Signs causing interference with radio or television reception
  • Signs obstructing doors, fire escapes, or stairways or keeping light or air from windows used for living quarters
  • A-type signs, sandwich-type signs, sidewalk signs, curb signs and advertising devices such as blimps or balloons
  • Signs/banners spanning a public street
  • Signs placed on trees, fences, utility poles, light poles, attached to other signs
  • Signs placed upon motor vehicles which are continuously or repeatedly parked in a conspicuous location
  • Series of 2 or more signs carrying an advertising message, part of which is contained on each sign
  • Signs with manual changeable type
  • Signs on vacant property advertising a proposed use without Planning or Zoning Board approval