Directions to Municipal Court

Traveling south on New Jersey Turnpike from New York, Elizabeth, etc.

  1. Exit 9 to Route 18 S.
  2. Proceed 2.5 miles to Cranbury exit (Middlesex County Route 525 S). There is a Raceway gas station on the right before exit.
  3. Proceed 5 lights to Rues Lane.
  4. Right turn onto Rues Lane. 
  5. Go 1/4 miles to parking lot 3 on right side.

Traveling north on New Jersey Turnpike from Philadelphia, Camden, etc.

  1. Exit 8A.
  2. Bear right after toll booth heading west on Route 32.
  3. At 1st light, turn right onto Middlesex County Route Number 535 N (South River-Cranbury Road).
  4. After 7th light, follow signs for u-turn and left turn (reverse jug-handle). 
  5. Make right onto Rues Lane and proceed through light 1/4 mile to parking lot 3 on right.

Traveling north on Route 18 from Asbury Park, Marlboro, etc.

  1. Pass Burger King and Stuff Yer Face Restaurant.
  2. Take jug-handle at Rues Lane and cross Route 18 (Brunswick Square Mall will be on right).
  3. Go to 3rd light after mall. Turn left at the 3rd light onto Cranbury Road.
  4. At 1st light make right turn onto Rues Lane again.
  5. Proceed 1/4 mile to parking lot 3 on right.