A shed is a storage structure of 200 square feet in area or less. The setback and height is determined by its size and the property's zone. In most cases, sheds are required to be setback five feet from the rear and side lot lines and can be 15 feet high. In instances where a lot is undersized for its zone and smaller than one acre, a shed can be setback two feet if its height is not more than 10 feet. An example is a property in the R-3 zone which requires a lot area of 15,000 square foot. If the existing lot area is less than 15,000 square foot than a shed can be located two feet from the property line if its height is not more than 10 feet.

Sheds are not permitted in the front yard. Sheds can be installed with an anchor kit, footings are not required.

Large Sheds

If a storage structure is greater than 200 square foot it is an accessory structure and is subject to greater setback requirements and different building code requirements. Sheds of 200 square foot or less require a zoning permit. Sheds greater than 200 sq. ft. need a construction permit. Metal shipping containers and trailers are not permitted.