Continued Certificate of Occupancy Requirements

A Continued Certificate of Occupancy (C.C.O.) is needed for any change in tenant. If any work is being done, (i.e, new carpeting, walls, additional electrical outlets), then an application for each subcode must be filled out and submitted with a copy of the contract and two copies of signed sealed architectural plans as well as:

  • Completed Construction application
  • Completed Building, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Subcode application
  • Health Department sign off, if applicable
  • Layout drawing
  • Letter of Intent
  • Zoning sign off

State Uniform Constructions Code

The Township of East Brunswick is regulated by the State Uniform Constructions Code. We have enacted, through local ordinance, those portions which specifically provide for a local inspection program. All new construction is inspected in accordance with the adopted standards prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. The Township has elected not to implement the permissive portion of the State Code which would require re-inspection before resale or refinancing of single, townhouse or condominium residential dwelling units.

Re-inspection & Re-certifications

Once a residential property receives the initial Certificate of Occupancy, the property is not subject to re-inspection or re-certification unless improvements or changes are made to the building. At that time, only those improvements are subject to inspection.

Affordable Housing Program

Units built under the Township's Affordable Housing Program receive a Certificate of Compliance. The purpose of this re-certification is to ensure continued compliance with the Uniform Construction Code standards.

Change in Occupancy

A C.C.O. is required for every non-residential property whenever a change in occupancy occurs; which involves re-inspection of all areas of life safety. Construction permits must be obtained for all proposed modifications.

Helpful Resources

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